Why Evolution Yogi Cafe?


At Evolution Yogi Cafe here on the beautiful, tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, we are sold out on the fact that food is one of the most powerful tools available to assist us; not only in the transformation our bodies, but of every aspect of our lives.  

Food is power.  It can connect you deeper to your heart and soul, it can ignite your intuition and the wisdom of your higher-self, and it can elevate and heal your entire body.  The health and overall vibration of your body is directly connected to the life you create, how much energy you have, and how much joy you experience.  

At Evolution, we provide a nourishing yet cleansing and balancing menu to suit all preferences and dietary requests as we understand that no two bodies are alike.  From fresh juices and smoothies, to raw foods, to warm, hearty and grounding foods for all constitutions, body types, and tastes you will always find exactly what your body is wanting and needing.

The high-vibration community of Sri Thanu will naturally inspire you to transform your body from the inside out.  Sri Thanu is a community filled with yoga, spiritual transformation activities of all forms, and people from all over the world that are ready to evolve and expand.  Magic radiates from this island, and you’ll feel it the instant you arrive.  Synchronicities will follow you, and the right opportunities and relationships will present themselves to you each and every day.

Being in a high-vibration, nature-filled environment, paired with spiritual growth opportunities on every corner, including practicing yoga and eating clean, pure, food; you cannot help but step into a new way of being.  

When you eat foods that are not only high-vibration, you are aligning yourself even deeper to the rhythm and flow of the Universe.  This opens up doors that you never could have imagined and allows you to clear areas (physical, emotional, mental, or energetic) that have been keeping you stuck and open up places in you that might have been hidden.  All of this allows you to live out your fullest potential, in mind, body, and soul.

As a Nutritionist and practicing Yogini, this is a topic I am completely head-over-heels passionate about, and why I’m so excited to introduce you to Evolution Yogi Cafe.  I’ve watched the proper use of food transform hundreds (or more) of people’s lives.  Not only will your physical body change as you fill it with nourishing and cleansing foods, but your entire life will change and evolve along with you.  I’ve seen people eliminate anxiety, depression, food addiction, mood swings, and yes, even fights with their significant other after proper changes to their diet were made.  I’ve seen muscle and joint pain disappear, autoimmune conditions dissolve, unexplained symptoms eliminated, and on and on it goes.  The power of food is endless.  And the power of the right food for your specific body is absolutely life changing.   

Personally, I used the power of food and the energetic work I do as a nutritionist to help heal my body of a 6-year chronic illness after seeing dozens of holistic practitioners failed.  Not only did healing my body allow me to be physically strong again, but it changed my life in radical ways.  It’s ignited my intuition, deepened the professional work that I do, aligned me with my purpose, and has allowed me to travel almost non-stop for the past 5 years.  And these same shifts are available in your life and body when using food as a tool as well.    

To deepen the concept of what Evolution Yogi Cafe stands for, we will be offering weekly Food-Evolution Nutrition Workshops to give you hands-on experience with exactly what it means to evolve your body and your life through the foods that you eat.  Each workshop will be 2 hours long, complete with a lecture, hands-on activity, discussion, and finishing with the enjoyment of a delicious sampling of Evolution Yogi Cafe menu items.

The environment of Sri Thanu coupled with Evolution Yogi Cafe is the perfect place for you to reach the next level of transformation within your body and your life.  We are so happy to have you here.  I can’t wait to meet you and share in this transformative, expansive journey of Evolution!