Evolution Yogi Cafe is now Organic Love Wholefood Kitchen! We are happy to announce the rebranding into a whole new concept. Organic Love Wholefood Kitchen offers healthy, fresh, organic food. We were closed for 2 weeks of renovation and now you can enjoy more ambiance, a new kitchen and a brand new health store. The […]


Creating Yogi Community.

I have a warm feeling in my heart. Recently, several community events at Evolution Yogi Cafe, located at Agama Yoga here in Koh Phangan, Thailand, particularly the celebration of International Yoga Day, have left me feeling inspired to share on the topic of community. COMMUNITY IS… Community is a support network, a place to fuel, a […]


Ahimsa – Body, Mind, Soul

Being a Holistic and Energetic Nutritionist, and a student at Agama, I’m always looking for ways to link the lessons of the Spiritual and Macrocosmic world to the Microcosmic world of nutrition and health. The first of the Yamas, Ahimsa, is a great place to begin to examine this connection; linking an ethical code directly […]


Why Evolution Yogi Cafe?

Welcome! At Evolution Yogi Cafe here on the beautiful, tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, we are sold out on the fact that food is one of the most powerful tools available to assist us; not only in the transformation our bodies, but of every aspect of our lives.   Food is power.  It […]


Koh Phangan, Thailand

Evolution Yogi Cafe in Koh Phangan, Thailand: Upon arriving in Koh Phangan, Thailand you’ll quickly notice that there’s something different, and even magical, about this tropical island.  Which is why Koh Phangan is quickly becoming known as ‘the destination’ for mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical evolution.  Although largely known for Full Moon parties on one end, […]


Evolution Overview

About Evolution. Evolution Yogi Cafe is the whole vegetarian destination for individuals who choose to make healthy and mindful eating a part of their daily practice. We created Evolution Yogi Cafe out of a need to nourish our bodies with fresh and delicious food, containing ingredients that keep us fueled for a life on the […]